2004IGA recipients: St. Petersburg and Memoir 44

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In this article, Greg J. Schloesser informs us about the recipients for the 2004 International Gamers Awards: St. Petersburg and Memoir '44. By the way, you could know more about IGA at Essen Fair, see dates and schedule at the bottom of this article.

The International Gamers Awards is extremely proud and excited to announce the recipients in the General Strategy category for the 2004 IGA, a set of awards which recognizes outstanding strategy board games in two categories.

This year's recipients are:

General Strategy, Multi-Player category:  ST. PETERSBURG

St. Petersburg captured the award in the multi-player category.  It is designed by Michael Tummelhofer, which in reality is a pseudonym for Bernd Brunhofer of Hans im Glück Games.  The game is released by both Hans im Glück and Rio Grande Games.  Set in 18th century St. Petersburg, players attempt to live the good life in this beautiful Russian city.  Investment is the key, as players attempt to add to their influence, holdings, and wealth.
Should you concentrate on workers who provide money, buildings which award victory points, or aristocrats who yield handsome profits at game's end?
You'll need all three, so balancing your decisions is critical.  The result is a tense, exciting game filled with tough choices and challenges.

General Strategy, 2-Player category:  MEMOIR '44

Memoir ’44 earned the award in the 2-player category.  Using the system pioneered by designer Richard Borg in the 1999 release Battle Cry, Memoir ’44 recreates over a dozen battles connected with the D-Day invasions of
World War II.  Released by Days of Wonder, the game is filled with over one hundred detailed miniatures, and the board itself can be tailored to recreate the famous battlefields surrounding the Normandy landings.
Easy-to-learn rules and fast-playing action are coupled with critical choices and numerous strategies, all resulting in a game that will be played and enjoyed over and over again.  

The International Gamers Awards was created to recognize outstanding games and designers, as well as the companies that publish them.  The awards are truly international in scope, with committee members representing countries throughout the world.  The goal of the IGA is to select games that are truly the 'best of the best', helping lead to greater exposure for these wonderful games and help spread the word of the "wonderful world of gaming" on a global scale.

To learn more about these exciting games and the International Gamers Awards, visit the IGA website at:

* In order for a game to be eligible for the General Strategy category, a game must have been released on or after July 1st of the previous year and no later than June 30th of the current year.
We have scheduled the International Gamers Awards presentation for Friday, October 22nd, 2004 at 5:00PM (17:00 for those on "European" time!) at the Spiele Faire in Essen.  The presentation will be conducted from the Hans im
Glück booth, which is located in Hall 11, booth 13 (11 - 13) in the Messe. 

We do have handsome plaques to present to the designers (Bernd Brunnhofer and Richard Borg) and the game companies (Hans im Glück, Rio Grande, and Days of Wonder). 

The presentation is open to EVERYONE, and we encourage all who will be attending the Spiele Faire to attend.