After a long wait: GOBLONS REVENGE!

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The new Jolly bill!

Did you self-produce a game requiring money? Or did you buy one of those cheap games not including money bills? Did you ever mind about creating a game asking yourself how to get there some playing money? If you thought that our Goblons were useful, then GOBLONS REVENGE is your ultimate answer!

Goblons, our well-known official playing money already available for free in the Donwloads section, are today available in the completely renewed version named Goblons Revenge, featuring new graphics (using some of our users's avatars), more denominations, and the special "Jolly" that you might always find useful...

Some denominations available in the new Goblons Revenge set

Since 2003 the Goblon is the official currency used by La Tana dei Goblin community, used by several authors for their prototipes, self-produced games, variants, experimental projects and in any other circumstance you can imagine. This new version, completely redesigned by RPorrini and including more denominations (ranging from 1 Goblon up to 1.000.000 Goblons), can now be used in even more situations with the only limit of your fantasy!

Download Goblons Revenge for free and use them as you like. For each denomination you'll find an Acrobat PDF print sheet including 10 bills: you only need to print and cut them in order to get your official TdG playing money in some minutes. Color printing on both sides of the sheet beore cutting is recommended for best results, but you can get  very good results even with a monochrome printer, especially with differently colored paper for each denomination.

Of course, if you still prefer our old and now obsolete Goblons of once ago, you can always finf them Here.