European Championship Boardgames 2008

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Siamo pronti per il torneo di Board Game Europeo che si terra' a Essen sabato 25 ottobre 2008.

La Tana dei Goblin ha selezionato con i TdG Italian Master la squadra Tiger Mask per la partecipazione, cui si e' affiancata I gobbi di Notre Dame. Restano liberi due posti, il primo dei quali libero per chiunque mi vorra' contattare ed il secondo dando la prededenza alle squadre storiche del Giocatore dell'Anno se una vorra' partecipare.

I giochi di quest'anno sono: Neuland, Legue of six, Amytis e Im Jahr des Drachen, gia' disponibili per l'invio/ritiro alle squadre.

Ecco il comunicato ufficiale in inglese

   The tournament will be held on the Saturday (25th) in conference room Essen (above the restaurant).

-          The registration fee is still Eur 75.-. Our website mention a fee of Eur 85.-, but somehow we think to manage this year with Eur 75.--      

-          Payment can be done at the start of the tournament, please have Eur 75.- in cash with you (so we do not have to exchange money) and no we do not accept credit cards or cheques

-          The tournament area is a non-smoking area

-          From all players it is expected that you know the rules and know the game (so extensive training camps during the weekends form now on). The playing standard is very high (and very sportsmanlike)!!!

-          TIP: reread the rules after you have played the game several times. You will notice you have overlooked some rules.

-          Each team should strive to have a reserve player. Also this player should know the rules and games. If you are not able to train and bring along a reserve player this is NO PROBLEMO as other teams will have them (or we). So in case due to circumstances the size of your team will drop below 4 players, do NOT decline from participation as you put the organisation in a very difficult situation (as we spend a huge amount of hours/days to create a gaming schedule to maximize the plays against different nationalities and nullifies the play against the same player twice), but show up and play with a reserve player from a different team.

-          The tournament exists of 4 playing rounds. Each round a single game is simultaneous played by all participants. The individual score per team member per game (5, 3, 2 or 1 point) is added together and this gives the team result. Maximum score possible is 80 points (4x4x5). In case of a tie the points will be divided. Example during a game player A and player B end both second place, they each will get (3+2)/2=2.5 point each. CHECK always on secondary victory conditions!!! Last year we introduced a summary of the victory conditions on the score form, we will do this again this year.

-          During tournament play, the referee can be called in case of a question/dispute regarding current or possible game situation. "Errors" in prior rounds of play will not be corrected and have to be accepted. In case the decision of the referee is not accepted, the main referee will be called and his decision is decisive. Players may sign protest, the organization will collect the protest ad will give feedback at a later stage, but the game will be continued based on the decision made. In case the player refuses to continue, this is not regarded as fair-play and the player can be dispelled from this specific game.

-          It is prohibited during gameplay to negotiate with/persuade or influence other players. Though most players just want to give good advice, most of the time this is rather subjective and will benefit their own. You should rely on other players that they judge the gaming situation right and make the best possible move for THEIR own benefit. 

-          You play not only to win, but also to have a very good time (so if you would not become EC’08 you still go home with a very good feeling, and met some nice other international gamers) (so more sportsmanlike)

-          The organisation of EuropeMasters is done completely by volunteers. Please keep this in mind. We put a lot of effort and energy to provide a high standard tournament. But we are not doing it as a profession.

-          During tournament play the organisation will take some pictures for our sponsors. Also the tournament area is open for the press. We try to minimize to disturb your gameplay. And ask for your understanding as without the PR we do not get sponsors, and without sponsors there is no EC.