GOBCON: the card game by La Tana dei Goblin!

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You're leaving for GobCon, the Goblin Convention, with money, food, drink, games and more. This will be your chance to draw attention, and maybe you'll become a proud member of The Goblin's Lair! Participate in games, buy noticeable items, play tricks on your opponents and use your friendship with members of the Lair to gain Goblin Points... At the end, the player with the most Goblin Points will be the only winner.

GobCon is the FREE card game by La Tana dei Goblin. You can start playing immediately, just download the game components, print and cut them, and you'll be ready to recreate the atmosphere of a strange and crazy convention where tricks and subterfuges are common between opponents.

GobCon is completely FREE, consider it a gift from La Tana dei Goblin to its beloved guests. You only need a bit of patience in order to print and cut all game components required.

You can download GobCon game components from our site, in addition to the cards, dice and rules to play, you'll also be able to build our original GobCon gamebox (you can see a picture aside)!

Furthermore, clarifications, variants and some add-on are already available, so that you can test the special flavour of this small but exciting card game.

Don't waste time, download GobCon now, and start playing it!