Goblin Money: GOBLONS!

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Did you self-produce a game requiring money? Or did you buy a cheap game where money bills were not included? Did you ever plan to create a game but found yourself unable to build your playing money? GOBLONS is your answer!

Goblons are La Tana dei Goblin playing money, pretty-looking money bills in different denominations that you can freely use for your own needs, you only have to download, print and cut them.


The Goblon is the monetary unit inside La Tana dei Goblin, and now you can use them for self-produced games, fot cheap moneyless games or even just to score victory points in GobCon, our free card game!

Download Goblons for free and use them as you wish. For each denomination you'll get an Acrobat PDF document including 10 money bills per page: just print and cut them and you'll be ready.

If you don't have a colour printer, you could also use a black-and-white one, but in this case we suggest you to use coloured paper for best results (one colour for each denomination).