II Concorso Fotografico Internazionale sul gioco

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Dopo il successo della prima edizione, di cui si è parlato qua

Articolo concorso fotografico

la benemerita e infaticabile Asociación Cultural Jugamos Tod@s di Cordova organizza nuovamente un concorso fotografico a tema ludico. Ecco a voi l'annuncio e il sito con tutti i dettagli per partecipare.

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Hola from Córdoba!

The II International Gaming Photo Award is opened!

For years, we have seen many good and impressive pictures about games, gaming people and gaming hobby… Last year we though it was the moment to recompense these good photographers. In the first edition of the award, we got more than 300 pictures from 22 different countries all around the world. 29 selected pictures were exposed in the Palacio de la Merced in Córdoba (October 10th-13th 2008) in the Festival Internacional de Juegos Córdoba 2008, and later in another place in our city. You can get more info about the jury (with Wolfgang Kramer and Martin Wallace), about the winner pictures, and more general info about the first edition, here:

So, here we are again in 2009!

You can find all the info and the 2009 rules on the web: www.festivaldejuegoscordoba.es

There, you can find: Spanish rules, English rules and French rules - with the adequate language posters (even a German poster, but not German rules for the moment):


We hope you like our idea again this year, and you could help us to make this 2nd. International award well known on the gaming community.

Thanks; ¡nos jugamos!

Asociación Cultural Jugamos Tod@s - Córdoba
Tfno: 0034 608197034

Festival Internacional de Juegos Córdoba