Lucca Comics & Games '09: The report from Tana dei Goblin - Pisa

Argomento Articolo: 

The most important italian fair for comics and games, Lucca Comics &
Games, has just ended, so after the necessary reordering of material and
ideas, here we are to fill a report full of numbers and thanks.
We have had the opportunity to run the "Ludoteca" (a.k.a. Play Area) a section of the
free gaming area where we volunteered to lend and explain games to the
fair attendees.

First and foremost we ought to thank the Lucca C&G organization with the
"Fondazione Tana dei Goblin". The former for letting us have a portion of the
free gaming area, the latter for renewing and confirming their
trust in La Tana dei Goblin Pisa section, thus letting us run the area freely.

This was the first edition of Lucca C&G for the new committee
(Balugoci, MadeR, Pacobillo, Tukmat and Diper) of La Tana dei
Goblin Pisa and we acknowledge that we owe a lot to the previous
management (Sargon, Favar e Fiburga): as a matter of fact the
success of our "Ludoteca" stems from the effort and devotion of
those who donated their time to our association through all these years.

We must also thank all the people who have spent time and energy for
our "Ludoteca", our restless volunteers (listed in alphabetical

  • Balugoci
  • Dera
  • Diper
  • Lokks
  • Looka
  • MadeR
  • Pacobillo
  • Patrics
  • Tukmat
  • Wugi
  • ZioCino
  • ZioDanilo

In addition to our effective volunteers, we want to thank also all those
goblins who helped us during the most crowded and critical
They lent us a hand explaining rules, clarifying doubts and controlling
the table with all our games: if we are proud to be part of the "La
Tana dei Goblin" Foundation is also due to them.

This is the fifth year in succession that a part of the Free Area Games
space is assigned to "La Tana dei Gobli Pisa", so we kindly and boldly
ask the major editors and distributors, both italian and strangers, for a
greater commitment.

We compiled a list of all the operators that has helped us through
donation of one or more games:

  • Alea Iacta Est
Editrice giochi
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Dust
  • Magnifico
  • Risiko Junior
  • Risiko Prestige
  • SPQRisiko
Hall Games / Heidelberger Spielverlag
  • At the Gates of Loyang
  • Race for the Galaxy
  • Strada Romana
  • Acqua Dolce
  • African Park
Giochi Uniti
  • Aquaretto
  • Bausack
  • Geniale
  • Toledo
  • Chang Cheng
  • Moto Grand Prix
  • Bang
  • Novembre Rosso
  • Micro Mutants
  • I coloni di Catan Junior
  • Cartagena II
PD Verlag
  • Imperial 2030
  • The princes of Machu Picchu
Post Scriptum
  • Caligula
Red Glove
  • Hooop
  • Lungarno (con espansione Luminara)
  • Super Farmer
  • Tribunus
  • Tribunus, l'ascesa dei Bruti
  • Kingsburg
  • Kingsburg, l'espansione del regno
  • Alta Tensione
  • Endeavor

Last but not least, we also must thank our friends Sargon and Favar,
who bought us some games at the Essen Fair and delivered us them
just in time for the beginning of the Lucca exhibition.

For all the math lovers, a recap of the "Ludoteca" stats follows:

Games lent:

Thursday 32
Friday 51
Saturday 71
Sunday 84

Total: 238 (!!!)

And the inevitable "top ten" of the most lent games (well it's top eleven due to ties):

Bausack 17
Race for the Galaxy 16
Super Farmer, Vasco da Gama 13
Pandemic, Ubongo 12
Carson City, Endeavor 9
Acqua dolce, Lungarno, At the Gates of Loyang 8

We inserted only the top-ten positions because we think that this
games are very representative of the two patterns we recognized.
We met a great number of casual gamers and families, searching for simple, fast and easy games (Bausack, Super Farmer, Ubongo, Acqua Dolce, Lungarno), on the other hand an undeniably
significant number of "hard gamers" croweded our tables, craving
for some of the Essen new games.

Waiting to meet you all again (maybe before Lucca C&G 2010),
we wish you a good gaming time ;)

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