New Game Design - Fires in the Sky (WWI dogfighting simulation) Full 3 dimension

Argomento Articolo: 

This spring will see the introduction of an entirely new twist on aerial dogfighting and mission tactics. It is kind of an "Air combat 101" training course! The title of the game is "Fires in the Sky" because of an emphasis on fires from combat damage and managing a burning plane (survival is  possible, but difficult). But this game is a hybrid of nearly EVERYTHING good about table-top miniatures games that simulate air combat, with full detail on differences in flight characteristics of aircraft types, patterned after Hostile Aircraft, but with the ease of play of Wings of War, without the silly 60 degree front firing arc for fixed guns and with speeds and true vertical deflections, climbs, and dives. A unique move initiative system based on number of crew, and cockpit management issues vs maximum attention to the aircraft positions and tracking, add a unique flavor that captures the true complexity of air combat, with a simple system of throttle tokens and tracking tokens. Over 25 aircraft types are now available with custom maneuver decks, with many more continuously being added to the game. Game sets can be custom ordered. Comments or interested party inquiries are welcome. - Pete A.