A New World

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It's time to present A New World, former title Rise of Nation, to the English language Goblins.

The game was introduced to the memebers of La Tana dei Goblin in the past summer by a couple of articles published in Italian language. It's not time for details and news.......


Hi everybody,

Following the first articles (in Italain language) that introduced Rise of Nations to the Goblins in the past summer it's time to present you with news.

The original work in progress title did change!

A New World is the title we selected for the game. Guess, it could be a happy choice: the New World is commonly used to indicate the Americas discovered in 1492: it's opening date in the Grand Campaign scenario of the game. Then, the French Revolution, 1789 was celebrated by people and historians as the begin of a New World for the innovations it introduced in thought, social order and culture. 1789 is also the ending date in the Grand Campaign scenario of A New World, while the French Revolution is the last challenging event players have to deal with..... at least till next game expansion!?

A New World Team did change too, with new people supporting now Luca Cammisa and Luca Franceschetti.

Luca Cammisa is the designer, developer, art director and scenario editor of ANW.

Luca Franceschetti is co-designer, developer and rulebook editor.

Clara Ciatto is responsible for the validation of the Italian version of the rulebook.

Her presence is the best answer to a quite common question: “Will my wife or girlfriend play A New World?”

Stefano Cuccurullo e Aldo Boffa Tarlatta, two veterans at La Tana dei Goblin, are our senior beta-testers.

Michael Nardi and Eric Weynards are supporting our efforts to edit the English version of the game: their linguistic assistance is of paramount importance. They are also experienced boardgamers busy in the validation of the game components and rules.

Guess, there's no need to introduce Philippe Thibaut: he's the well known author of Europa Universalis and La Grande Guerre. He's offering his know-how to the supervision of A New World project.

Now, what's the state of art of A New World?

Since we moved the first steps in the realization of the project we went after some goals.

The first one was the development of a playable and formally acceptable game supported by strong rules. It's not a trivial point: we met difficulties going from original ideas and plans to their formal codification in working rules , tables and other game components that players can then examine, read and understand.

Did we succeeded with it?

Let you see and decide:


The ANW Demo, you can download from the link, is the official presentation of A New World in a pdf file. Most pages are an abstract from A New World living rules. They offer a detailed and exhaustive description of few game concepts and rules. Readers can get the picture of the game without having to examine the full body of the game rules. Of course a large section of the rule was not included in the presentation.

We hope we'll have the chance to post soon an enlarged version of the living rules of A New World.

Our last goal is the publication of the international, English language, version of the game.

We already approached few game publishers, Italians and international ones, and we are looking for the best solution.

If anyone is interested in this aspect or can help us introducing A New World to an editor, we please to contact us.

Thanks for your kind attention and stay tuned to learn more.


for A New World development team.