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WizKids November Newsletter, November 2003, Volume II, Issue 11

In this issue:

  • New This Month
  • What’s Hot in January

New This Month

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and while we prepare to stuff our bellies with turkey and pumpkin pie we’re also getting ready for what promises to be the largest Marvel HeroClix™ release yet: Critical Mass!

When we received word from our factories that Critical Mass would arrive a week early, we couldn’t have been happier! Instead of keeping it in our warehouses, letting it age like a fine cheese, we decided that it would be better to send it out a week early; so it should be hitting a hobby store near you just in time for a Turkey Day game with your visiting cousins! Pit Kraven the Hunter™ against Rhino™ in a battle over the last slice of pie, or duke it out with Spider-Man™ and Venom™ for first dibs on the gravy.

And, if you happen to the in the Dallas area before Thanksgiving, be sure to drop by Wizard World Texas to take part in the Indy HeroClix World Championship. Glory, honor, respect, and bragging rights could all be yours – if you are good enough!

In December, the action returns to the shadows with the release of six all-new Shadowrun® Duels Series Two figures. These finely crafted action figures add sinister and heroic characters to the Shadowrun universe. Collect them all at a hobby store near you.

I hope you played in the Mage Knight™ Marquee event this month. If not, you owe it to yourself to find the nearest Mage Knight demonstration and see how the new game works. It’s faster, more brutal, and more fun than ever – shooting Elves has never been more rewarding.

Creepy Freaks™ makes a great stocking stuffer, especially the Starter Sets! Fill your favorite stocking with a Frosty the Snotman, Swirly, Wormbreath, and Spitty Cat. Look for special two-for-one promotions and half-off specials on Creepy Freaks Starters at participating retailers near you!

Another great stocking stuffer is MechWarrior®: Dark Age, and if Santa needs a hint or two about what you’d like under the tree, download the MechWarrior Holiday Offer from the WizKids MechWarrior website. If you (or Santa’s elves) buy at least one MechWarrior Premier Set OR four MechWarrior Boosters from any expansion, you can send away for the Geo Kane Mercenary Jupiter – an amazing Limited Edition ’Mech®!

Do you like baseball? The word is out: MLB SportsClix™ is going to be a home run! If you would like to get in on the action as an MLB SportsClix Coach (the official title of a SportsClix envoy) and begin running events at your local hobby store, we’d love to hear from you! We require our Coaches to be at least 18 years old. If you’re 18 or older, and you can’t get enough of the ol’ baseball diamond, email us at and let us know that you’d like to be a Coach for MLB SportsClix events in your area.

What’s Hot in January

MechWarrior: Counterassault

Triple-strength myomer. Positive heat effects. House Liao’s attack driving to the very heart of The Republic. What do all these things have in common? Counterassault, the next exciting expansion for the MechWarrior: Dark Age game.

At the center of this conflict is the ruthless House Liao, which continues its attack on the shattered remains of The Republic. Only the Swordsworn stand in their way, preparing a counterassault that will determine the fate of the entire Inner Sphere. The battle will rage across a hundred worlds and in game and hobby stores near you. Your faction needs you, so enlist your Counterassault troops and prepare to battle in the Counterassault Marquee – the most brutal encounter yet in the dark age!

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