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Succose novità per Lock n' Load: Band of Heroes. Il designer Mark. Holt Walker ha creato una propria casa, la Lock and Load Publishing, e per un tempo limitato venderà il gioco al prezzo di 49.95$ spese postali escluse. Questo splendido gioco tattico era infatti disponibile solamente ordinandolo online dalla Matrix Games al costo di 69€ spese escluse. Inoltre per chi ordina il gioco saranno regalate le pedine montate (ma da tagliare..) dei Russi e Tedeschi per i nuovi tre scenari bonus. L'espansione Swift & Bold che introduce gli Inglesi è prevista per Febbraio.  Leggi sotto per saperne di più.

Lock & Load è ormai diventato un brand molto famoso nell'ambiente dei wargamers, l'uscita di L&L: Forgotten Heroes nel 2002 segnava un punto di svolta nei giochi tattici. Il regolamento relativamente semplice, scenari giocabili in 30 minuti e una multidudine di strategie applicabili ne decretarono il successo tanto che usci anche l'espansione che aggiungeva le truppe ANZAC. Nel 2005 usciva per Matrix Games (azienda che vende SOLO wargame per PC, e questo la dice lunga...) Band of Heroes che vede impeganti gli Americani contro le truppe Naziste in Normandia.

Per provare il demo (da stampare e giocare..) ecco il link diretto

Riporto qui integralmente la newletter che contiene i vari link, da segnalare nei preordini oltre all'espansione per BoH anche L&L ambientato in Somalia e un altro Wargame più classico

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 Press Contact:Janice Hinshaw,  Lock ‘n Load Publishing

Lock ‘n Load Publishing Offers “You want it? You got it,” sale.  

Henry, VA, December 7, 2006 - Lock ‘n Load Publishing, the sole publisher of Lock ‘n Load board games, announced today the “You want it? You got it,” sale. For each copy of Band of Heroes purchased between today 12/7/06 and a date to be determined (until we get tired of making them), we’ll include a complete set of the Soviet and Bundeswehr counters featured in the last two (and upcoming third) newsletter scenarios. The newsletters may be downloaded at .

The counters are front and back mounted on illustration board (slightly thicker than BoH standard counters). Players need only cut them out with a paper cutter or pair of scissors. The counter sheet includes: 5 Bundeswehr Squads, 4 Bundeswehr Half-squads, 2 Bundeswehr Leaders,  1 Bundeswehr Hero. These are the same figures as the BoH SS, but rebadged to indicate their new status. Also included are 9 Soviet regular infantry Squads, 5 Soviet regular infantry Half-squads, 2 Soviet Leaders, 2 DP-28 machine guns, 2 14.5mm PTRS anti-tank rifles, 2 T-70 tanks, 2 T-34 tanks, 1 M4A4 Lend Lease Sherman (all with turret counters to match), and a German StuIG 33B. That’s not all. Gamers will also get the following Soviet Guards units: 8 Soviet Guards Squads, 5 Soviet Guards Half-squads, 3 DP-28 machine guns, 3 Satchel Charges, 1 Guards Leader, and 6 parachute markers to use with the new parachute rules. That’s 69 counters for free, drawn with the same breathtaking style and precision you expect in your Lock ‘n Load games. Just order Band of Heroes and we’ll stuff/carefully place them in your package.

For a limited time, Lock ‘n Load Publishing will also sell the counters as a standalone order. The cost is 7.49 plus shipping  ($4.49 U.S. or $9.99 foreign) for the sheet. Our web-gnomes are busily working to include the counter sheet on the super secure order page. Give us a day or two. If, however,  you just can’t wait, email us at and we’ll send you a PayPal invoice or take your order over the phone.

Since opening their doors in September of 2006, sales for Lock ‘n Load Publishing’s discounted Band of Heroes (49.99 for a limited time), and pre-orders for the company’s P-500 games have been stunning. The first three Lock ‘n Load Publishing titles —Lock ‘n Load: The Swift and Bold, which features the British Paratroopers in Europe (circa 1944), Lock ‘n Load: A Day of Heroes, a simulation of the Ranger and Delta Team battle in Mogadishu in October of 1993, and World at War, an entirely new, platoon level Mark H. Walker design, which depicts the Third World War in August of 1985, are scheduled to go into production in winter of 2006.

The first computer game based on Mark H. Walker’s Lock ‘n Load franchise, Lock ‘n Load: Heroes of Stalingrad, will release in Q2 of 2007.


Founded by award winning author and game designer Mark H. Walker, Lock ‘n Load Publishing develops and publishes commercial board and computer games.  Lock ‘n Load Publishing’s games include Lock ‘n Load: Forgotten Heroes, Lock ‘n Load: ANZAC Attack, and Lock ‘n Load: Band of Heroes. The games have won numerous awards, including the Origins award for Historical Board Game of the Year, two Wargamer Reader’s Choice Awards, a Charles S. Roberts Award for Best Modern Era Wargame, and International Gamer’s Award for Best Historical Simulation. Lock ‘n Load Publishing is headquartered in Virginia. More information is available at

Mark H. Walker

Author, Analyst, Designer