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 Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike, v.2.5As you sure know, anything published on internet websites is usually intended as a common and free resource, excluding commercial websites wich is not the case for La Tana dei Goblin. So, it's natural and obvious that, in the spirit of internet free cooperation and sharing, resources published on a specific website may also be available at other websites, as links, copies or even derivative works. In these situations the simple "netiquette" rules (a sort of good education code for network users) state that source websites and authors for such external contents should always be clearly referred, even though unfortunately this does not happens in every case.

In order to grant the free circulation of anything published at La Tana dei Goblin, at the same time protecting our Association and our authors contributing with their works, we decided to use a well known international license with precise rules about sharing and distribution of internet contents. It's the Creative Commons license, a sort of common code enabling several forms of agreement depending on the level of sharing and protecion needed.

In our case, the Creative Commons license we're going to use from now on is based on three focus points, that don't change substantially our philosophy about the contents of the site, while enforcing it with a legal code of common reference. The first point (Attribution) states that any use of our contents must always indicate clearly its author and La Tana dei Goblin, the second (NonCommercial) forbids any commercial use of our contents, and the third one (ShareAlike) requires that any derivative works based upon our contents is shared and protected by a license identical to this one. Obviously, the license automatically grants these things without other requirements, but different forms of cooperation are always possibile if a preventive agreement is reached.

We think that this license enables the free circulation of our contents for the benefit of everyone, keeping however a clear indication of their source. In fact, this is an advantage for our users contributing with their works, for those simply using our contents and for the Association itself, since everyone is more protected than before in their needs. For further informations you can check our Creative Commons license page, that you can also read clicking on the new logo (here aside) included in the page footer.