Help traduzione THE GOLDEN AGE

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Help traduzione THE GOLDEN AGE

Messaggioda neelix » 1 apr 2011, 10:34

Qualcuno mi può aiutare nella traduzione della parte introduttiva del gioco THE GOLDEN AGE ed. Phalanx:
Around 1600, a Golden Age started in the Northern provinces
of the Low Countries. Despite an ongoing war with Spain, they
managed to build a considerable trade network. In 1602, the
United East-Indian Company (VOC) was founded, the first
ever company with shares. A maritime trade and transport
network to the Far East was established, with fortified trade
posts along the way. The Portuguese were swept aside. Soon,
huge fortunes were made, especially in the spice trade. The use
of military force was not shunned, and ships were heavily armed.
The Low Countries developed steadily in many areas. Religion
became predominantly protestant. The Seven Provinces were
led to glory by Johan de Witt, an astute statesman who built an
effective, modern navy led by superior admirals. Control of the
seas was vital and the English fleet suffered several sound defeats
at the hands of Tromp and De Ruyter.
Rich entrepreneurs were influential from many European
ports to the Far East and the West Indies. As besieged cities fell,
the Catholic Spanish were slowly but steadily pushed back.
William of Orange, murdered in 1584, lived on in the hearts of
his people as the Father of the Fatherland.
Meanwhile, success also loomed in other fields. In science, the
philologist Lipsius, the naturalist Leeuwenhoek, the philosopher
Spinoza and, last but not least, the father of the “law of nations”,
Hugo Grotius all advanced their expertise considerably. In arts,
the “Flemish School” with Rubens and Van Dyck and the
“Dutch School” with Frans Hals, Jan Steen, Vermeer, and
Rembrandt became famous."
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the dutch goldene age

Messaggioda SHAKA » 1 apr 2011, 13:10

Se mi dai un'email te le spedisco.
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