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[KS] Monsters' Party

Messaggioda Spymode » 13 mar 2016, 17:15

[font=Verdana]Monsters' Party: Voodoo Madness - Fine Campagna KS, 28 Mar 2016

A deduction game (with a unique spin you'll love) you can actually play with 2 players! (and up to 6) Join now the Monsters' Party!

A group of monsters gather around the table to play their favorite game, “Voodoo Madness”. They set up a table with six voodoo dolls, each linked to a different monster.

Each player plays as a voodoo doll, and controls a secret monster. Your goal is to reveal the identities of your opponents, or destroy them before they reveal yours.

Voodoo dolls target each other with object cards. Each object in the game is linked to a particular monster’s weakness. The last unidentified voodoo doll standing wins the game!

KickStarter Link:
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/in ... oo-madness

BGG Link:
https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/189 ... oo-madness

- Ruoli Nascosti;
- Bleff;
- Deduzione;
- ...

[BBvideo 560,340]https://youtu.be/NNrbWWeWI74[/BBvideo]

Regolamento ENG: ( Lo tradurranno anche in lingua Italiana... )*

* iN'Sanity Games
Hi!, we actually have a friend helping us with Italian rulebook, we are working on German rules as well.


Prezzo compreso di spedizione internazionale a 24$( 22€ - cambio attuale ), EU-Friendly*...

* iN'Sanity Games
$24 dollar tier is EU friendly...[/font]
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