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Messaggioda zatopek » 9 mag 2007, 11:46

Riporto qui di seguito un messaggio di Aaron Bell <bestbandis@yahoo.co.nz>, bravissimo giocatore di C&CA neozelandese, che propone un originale connubio tra Pax Romana e C&CA. Penso sia un'occasione d'oro per gli amanti dei giochi GMT: due in uno!

Hello gentlemen,

There is a Punic War campaign being worked up using a simple version
of Pax Romana for the strategic level and C&C for the tactical

The game will require 6 players (three Roman, three Carthaginian)
with turns representing one year. The Spanish, Italian, Sicilian
and African theatres will be in play, along with Narbonensis.

Players will control an army for a year and commands will be rotated
within the team.

There will be no economic side to it; the currency of the game is
reinforcments and replacements. Control of a province or territory
at turn's end will allow reinforcements to be levied.

Armies will be composed along similar lines to those in Scenario X,
with each province or territory providing a set contingent of 3 or 6
units to add to an army's force pool.

Battles will be fought when opponents are contacted on the strategic
map. At that point terrain will be generated and players will
designate elements from their force pool to take part in the
battle. Camps will be abstractly factored into the game, and
commanders who fail to detail troops to hold the camp will face
disaster in the event of a defeat on the field.

There will be abstracted rules for seige warfare and naval forces,
with players able to exchange army contingents for galley squadrons
in the reinforcment phase, and for force depletion due to sickness,
desertion, and battle losses.

As yet, victory conditions are undecided, but a strategic victory
for entail the other side being forced to sue for peace.

Everything will be conducted over vassal using an umpire, and
hopefully it will be ready for playtesting in the next couple of

I anticipate that there will be some teething problems so if anyone
would be interested in taking part in a test run it would be very
helpful, and much appreciated - though I would ask that test players
have experience using vassal and are prepared to ask tough questions
gently when problems are encountered :)
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