[KS] Sabotile: Isles of Hexoté

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[KS] Sabotile: Isles of Hexoté

Messaggioda Spymode » 15 mar 2016, 20:11

[font=Verdana]Sabotile: Isles of Hexoté - A Tile-Laying Board Game - Fine Campagna KS, 18 Apr 2016

Sabotile: Isles of Hexoté is a competitive 2-6 player capture-the-flag game with tile management based progression.

As a spirit animal of one of the six tribes on the island of Hexoté, you will start in your people's village outskirts and attempt to bring back your sacred totem, stolen by the god of chaos Mesba, from the center temple. However, it has been mixed with the other tribes' and you must deduce yours by carrying totems to villages and using the ever-changing land to bolster yourself and impede the rest. Influence the board by placing or taking tiles with various powers to affect the game and take back what is rightfully yours!

Moving across tiles, any time you or another spirit animal ends movement on one, it activates, the resulting effect taking place. This simple mechanism opens up all sorts of opportunity for strategy and sabotage. [...]

KickStarter Link:
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/29 ... board-game

BGG Link:
https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/191 ... les-hexote

- Punti Azione;
- Gestione Mano;
- Esagoni e Pedine;
- Mappa Modulare;
- Tira e Muovi;
- Piazzamento Tessere.

[BBvideo 560,340]https://youtu.be/BrApOaTM2KE[/BBvideo]

Regolamento ENG: ( versione senza immagini... )
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6bRz- ... ef=2&pli=1

Free Print and Play:

Prezzo compreso di spedizione internazionale a 69$( 62€ - cambio attuale ), vi è anche una versione Premium PnP a 8$, EU-Friendly...[/font]
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