[KS FUTURO] Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce

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[KS FUTURO] Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce

Messaggioda caci2000 » 19 mar 2017, 1:39

Kickstarter April 15th 2017


Everyone has heard of Area 51 and the Roswell incident, but very few have heard of Dulce Base. Many believe it to be a joint military/alien underground facility where horrible experiments are being conducted on abducted humans and various life forms held captive there. In the base’s subterranean depths is where you are being held prisoner. Welcome to the bizarre and top secret world of ‘Escape from Dulce,' Sentient Cow Games first installment in our themed anthology board game series called “Secret Unknown Stuff, where players are taken through science fiction adventures, supernatural stories and unexplained events.

Escape from Dulce is a collaborative, turn-based, sci-fi adventure game for 2 to 6 players, ages 14 and up. Players choose from 8 hilariously bizarre prisoners, including a two-headed mutant cow that can strap machine guns on its back, to a alien hybrid super solider who dreams of being a normal teenager and hanging out at the ‘mall.’ Each player starts with special skills and different abilities, which they can increase as they escape.

Escape from Dulce will be different each time it's played, because of how the player decides to customize their character, interact with the encounter cards, and how our 'artificial intelligence' combat system dictates how the enemies will focus their attacks. Story based encounter cards add an organic 'role-play' feel to game play, forcing the players to adapt to an ever-changing base full of traps and self-strategizing human and non-human enemies. The game thinks. It's alive. And it’s trying to kill you.

Players must find hidden objectives to gain entry to the next level, while constantly working to keep the alarm from reaching critical and releasing the dreaded 'Man in Black.' The alarm building aspect creates a sense of urgency and drive to the game. Players can also enlist the help of strange 'hidden characters' along the way, as they progress up seven dangerous levels of a 3D game board to freedom.



Verdiamo se sarà veramente interessante.. :pippotto:
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