she thought to herself, but it would never have happened if she had been more careful. If she had just made sure her bedroom door was closed during her morning ritual of masturbating on her bed, then Steve would not have innocently seen her playing with herself. Events then took a new course and she ended up with his lovely young erection buried in her married, stepmother cunt. Then a week after that episode, she was trying to bandage the knee of one of her stepson’s buddies, Joey, who skinned his knee playing basketball at her house. She was not in control of her senses when Joey developed a huge erection as she was kneeling in front of him, washing his injured knee.

A week or so back she broke all norms by seducing and then fucking her stepson, Steve. It -on grow right in front of her face. It was not her fault that Joey had such a large and delectable dick. She could not keep herself from touching it. And soon, Joey knew what Steve knew too, that Peggy was an eager sex machine, waiting to be switched on by whatever might trigger her at the moment. Fortunately for Peggy, both boys knew they would have to keep the secret about what happened that if they wanted more of her attention. Peggy was fully aware that she was acting inappropriately around the teenage boys who were often in her backyard at the basketball hoop.

Part of her task was to do some stretching to keep limber. She kept herself in excellent shape with this program. Then, for a couple of hours she would do some gardening or tidy up in the house. And to end her morning routine, she would shower, then lay on the bed and play with her pussy. This should have been a simple schedule that kept her busy enough not to be consumed by thoughts of sex all the time. But her libido was like a teen-age boy’s. There was no way to know what would set her hormones in a rage and remove her self-control.

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