Andreas Seyfarth e Warangel a ModCon 2004

Andreas Seyfarth unofficially wins the Warangel International Tournament at ModCon 2004!


Andreas Seyfarth unofficially wins the Warangel International Tournament at ModCon 2004!

Andreas Seyfarth unofficially wins the first International (mondial?) Tournament of award winning wargame Warangel at ModCon 2004. See the pictures very soon available on website of Andreas
holding the 1st Place Thropy, second place Andrea Vigiak, ModCon 3M President and organizer, 3rd place Andreas' wife.

The author of acclaimed Puerto Rico was the guest star of ModCon 2004 where took place the 5th annual Tournament of Warangel that this year had his first "international" edition. Zhu Song from Shanghai stops on a semifinal match the current National Champion Richard Doni on a Tie between Athene Noctue and Northeners, two mithological armies. This epical match allowed to mauro Adorna from Omegna and Corrado Dioda'
from Milano to achieve the Final Battle for 1st and 2nd Place. Terrific balanced match between Ghosts of Dioda' that finally get the 3 Resource Points Fortress of Adorna's Barbarians, in their cold Norway territory.

Other Epical Match the terrific victory of Rats of Andrea Ligabue from Modena that won over the Diamonds of Dave Who. This allows to Liga to reach the Third place over the ex champion Richard Doni.

Great Honour to Andreas for reaching us in our greatest Italian Luding Con, for his kind talks to the many gamers that reached him in the three days of the convention that was a real success. He is a very familiar person: I appreciate his friendly comments so much.

The Con had visitors from all parts of Italy, the Tournament had gamers from many cities, Milano, Jesi, including La Tana dei Draghi from Siena, I'm very proud to meet so many gamers at every new tournament that know each others thank to my game.

Finally I see the hugeness of Di Meglio, Maggi, Nepitello "War of the ring", the number of different miniatures and the courage of this production reveal all the achievements of Italian Boardgame World that is coming out in last years. The thanks on the rulebook back to Alex Randolph, written by authors who have the fortune to work with him, is the thing that touched me more.

Thanks to SdP of Goblins Lair for inviting Andreas and his wife, thanks to the great organization of Club 3M for this great, luding event that confirms ModCon year after year,  as the greatest and best organized convention for Italian (and now not only italian) gamers:)

Next one for me, Essen Fair, booth-number 6-57, see you there:)
Angelo Porazzi