Blake irks and whines harshly as that freaking ghost possesses his very tongue! His wet sliver shoves its way into that tight sphincter and licks just about every inch of that tunnel.

"HooOOolyYYy fuuUUuuck!" Barry straddles firmly as his own fat cock leaks like crazy as he masturbates! His huge booty flexes and wobbles as this cocky white jerk-off eats his hole in places only dildos, enemas, and cocks have reached.

Even Blake crosses his eyes as he feels his tongue had grown and slurp that tunnel in circles, really tasting the inside of this man's clean meaty asshole and sampling the deep prostate. He swears, if his tongue gets any longer or bigger, he could very well be licking the inside of Barry's dick!

"Whoa, hachi-machi" Says a different voice. Blake can't see past the dark brown hide of Barry's round build, but his face goes red as he can just feel someone else at the doorway watching him. "Damn, Bare-Bare, wish I'd known you were here sooner, I've been missing your badonk-ka-donk"

"Dude, this guy I'm sitting on?" Barry says, "He eats ass liiike aahhhh!" Barry moans as he arches his back into Blake's head. Barry gaps and squeezes Blake's thighs as that tongue sinks into a very hot zone. "OH! AaahhHH! AH!"

"Goddamn! Hands-free??" Says the stranger with disbelief. Blake can just about feel Barry cum - that hot spunk could be felt on Blake's semi-hairy abs, his pelvis, and a few other spots.

"Fuckin damn, MMFF..." Barry groans as he gets up.

"BUUHHH!" Blake gasps for air as that huge black bear gets off, his tongue instantly returning to normal size. "Fuck... Fuck... I can't... I don't want to be awake for theeh..." He irks and gulps as his eyes close and the ghost takes over again. "I-I can't..."


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