Bang! A Fistful of Cards: errata versioni inglese e tedesca

Argomento Articolo: 

daVinci comunica un errata corrige per le versioni inglese e tedesca della nuova espansione di Bang!, A Fistful of Cards.
Qui sotto l'annuncio ufficiale.

We are afraid the English and German text of the "A Fistful of Cards" card in the last BANG! expansion is not correct. The correct text should be:
"At the beginning of your turn, you are the target of as many BANG! as the number of cards in your hand."
"Zu Beginn seines Zuges wird der Spieler Ziel so vieler Treffer, wie er Karten auf der Hand hält."

You can also download a correct version of the card in the
A Fistful of Cards page.