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Dopo l'asta per le copertine dei sui giochi (4 delle quali sono arrivate in Italia!) ecco qua una nuova idea di Martin per raccogliere fondi per la figlia: mettrà all'asta su ebay le prime 3 copie di Pericle, marcate 1,2,3, a partire da mercoledì.

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And now another message from me.

As some of you will know the Peru trek thing was a charity event to raise money for the Children's Liver Disease Foundation. You may also know that this is because my partner's daughter, Hannah, has had a liver transplant. Once a year children and adults who have had transplants get together and have a mini-Olympic type thing, called the Transplant Games. Hannah has been going for many years now and does very well, usually collecting gold medals in swimming and running. She has now been selected for the UK team to represent her country at the World Transplant Games in Thailand next year. The downside is that we have to raise sponsorship to pay travel and hotel costs, or at least contribute something towards these.

That means more fundraising! As all of the Warfrog artwork has now been sold off I've been coming up with some other ideas. The first one needs to be started soon and I need all of you kind folks who spread the word about the art sale to do the same for my next biggish idea.

I now have some copies of Perikles in my possession. I intend to sell three copies on Ebay. They will be sold sequentially. The first copy sold will have a signed sticker inside stating that it is the very first copy to be purchased, the next one will say the second copy to be purchased, and so on. I will also include a message in my own writing to the persons who purchase them.

I will put the first copy on ebay on Wednesday, next one on Thursday, and the final one on Friday. Each auction will last 48 hours.

I would appreciate it if you could spread the work, I'm talking to Rick, Aldie, and Herb inparticularly here.

Many thanks

Martin Wallace