COMMANDS & COLORS ANCIENTS, nuovo torneo su Vassal

Argomento Articolo: 

Questo mini-torneo n.13, limitato a 8 giocatori, è basato sullo Scenario X e ambientato nelle atmosfere della nuova espansione "Roma contro i Barbari". Se vuoi saperne di pù, leggi il comunicato stampa originale (inglese).

The tournament consists of eight players who will be randomly assigned into two groups.  Each group will play every member of the opposing group in a two game Scenario X match. Each player will choose a unique army that is an enemy of the “52. Marian Romans” prior to 58 BC, i.e. the armies:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


13. Illyrian

14. Thracian

31. Gallic

36. Ptolemaic

41. Galatian

43. Parthian

44. Iberian

45. Celtiberian

47. Commagene

48. Spartacus Slave Army

49. Numidian

50. Early German

51. Mithridatic


In the preliminary phase, each player will play a two game match with every player in the opposing group.  You will play one game using your barbarian army versus the other player using the Marian Romans, and then you will use the Marian Roman army against that opponent’s barbarian army. That is, you'll play four games using your chosen barbarian army against the Romans fielded each time by a different player, then you'll play four games as the Romans, each time against a different barbarian army. With this format every player fields two very different armies, and fights against five unique armies.  It's much more variety than the usual Scenario X Mini-Tournament format, where you get to play a single chosen army against four others.


The top two scorers in each group (determined by banners won, with ties broken by banners lost and blocks lost, in that order) will be matched in the Semifinals and the winners of the Semifinals will meet in the Finals.  Each phase will use the same kind of two game match play as given above.


Note: all historically appropriate (prior to 58 BC) special rules will be in use, e.g. the Marius Legions rule is in effect for the Marian Romans. The sign-up table is now up in the Database section of the C&CA Vassal Players Group hosted on Yahoo. Be sure to look at the database before entering your army selection to assure no one else has chosen the same army.